Paris G.M. Collin Authorized Spa


Semi permanent make-up that lasts 2 - 3 yrs. Microblading is a perfect
solution for those who love fuller brows, fill-in overly plucked brows, 
cover gaps, looking forward for more defined brows or to get a custom 
brow shape. 

Microblading is not drawing tattoos on your brows. Its more precise and

fine procedure of drawing hair strokes that resembles your natural

hair growth.

Microblading is multiple Visit procedure performed by our certified 

First appointment takes roughly 30-40 Minutes to understand your brow 
shape requirement and discuss how our Microblading experts can help 

Second visit takes 2.5 hrs to 3 Hrs. Our expert will draw brow shape as discussed in first appointment and draw hair strokes inside it.

Third Visit takes roughly 2-3 Hrs to touch up. 

Procedure costs $500. Which includes $50 Consultation payable on first appointment and $450 for Microblading payable on second appointment.

No charge for first touch up appointment after 2 to 3 months of Microblading. 

Few years later required touch up will be at additional cost.

Art of Creating Brows